Hi I'm Betsy

I’ve lived, learned, and worked in the New York garment industry for 15 years. I have been taught my trade by those who knew the traditional ways of making things by hand and were willing to share their knowledge, mentor, and patiently took on any crazy, nerdy question I threw at them. What they taught me could never be learned in a classroom and today I apply those same skills to my clients projects.

Nowadays I look to the future and how the garment industry must evolve and my role in it. I am fully invested in helping creative, entrepreneurial designers, doing whatever it takes to help you succeed.

I am counting on today's entrepreneurs for a much bigger picture- to create the demand for reinventing retail practices and to revitalize manufacturing. It’s a big order to fill, but the garment industry needs you! None of us can be successful unless we are all successful. 

Check out the blog for all of my musings about the type of work I do, state of the industry, and life lessons for designers.