Grading and Markers

Patterngrade .jpg

Here’s how Grading Works:

  1. If this is your first time developing a size run and are not sure where to start, we will come up with the right solution for you. Grading is not a one-size fits all process (sorry, couldn’t help myself in that pun!). It should represent your customers and your business goals.

  2. If you already have a pattern and size chart, then we are ready to go! I will give the pattern a check to ensure all the seams match and make sure everything looks ok.

  3. I will grade the pattern then go through every size checking to ensure all seams for all sizes match up. (Yeah, it’s thorough, but definitely worth the second glance.)

  4. When I’m done you have the options of:

  • A printed graded nest mailed to you.

  • Sizes separated then printed (printing yardages apply)

  • A digital file: I can send a graded nest as a file in illustrator (perfect for home sewing patterns) or as a .dxf

  • Spec sheet with points of measure you require.

Marker Making

Things just got real- time for cutting!

to prepare for cutting you need a marker that optimizes your fabric for minimum amount of waste and will get you all the sizes you require. A marker is computer generated, with some technical know-how, and an eye for ease of use. It will be made based on your fabric width and your sizing requirements.