Pattern making


How it works

Tell me about your project:

Sketches, tech packs, original samples, photos or even your own first draft of a pattern are all good starting points. Basically, I’m good with however you feel most comfortable conveying your ideas.

I’ll ask the necessary questions:

You may be a tech pack whiz with all the details or starting only with just a simple sketch. No matter what your starting point you shouldn’t stress about how much info to give me. I know what questions need to be asked to get the results you want. I will help fill in any blanks.

I will make your pattern:

I am fully digital with professional grade software and equipment, but my methods are traditional. I will analyze your project to determine the best starting point. Sometimes I will drape, sometimes I will draft, or a mash-up of the two. Whatever it takes to get the look you want.

What you will get:

Once completed, you have a couple of options that we can discuss:

  • I can send you a printed copy of the pattern with a cutters must


  • Digital files of the cutters must and pattern (available as .PDS, .DXF, or .AI extensions)